Credence Asset Management Limited (CAML), is one of the growing Asset Management Companies of the Bangladesh. CAML is established by a group of highly experienced capital market professionals and seasoned business personalities with a view to bringing positive change in the fund management segment of our capital market. The firm is committed to manage investors’ fund with high professionalism & ethical standard and ensure above average market returns on its Funds.

The first Mutual Fund launched by CAML is ‘Credence First Growth Fund’ which is an Open-ended Mutual Fund. The initial size of the fund is BDT 200 million with Face Value of each Unit of BDT 10.00. Individuals and Institutions can buy and surrender units of the fund anytime at the Sale Price and Repurchase Price respectively.

The fund also has a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) named “ShwapnoBunon”. Under the plan, investors can invest in the fund on a regular basis. It is more like FDR as investors give installments regularly. But unlike FDR, “SwapnoBunon” has high return potentials as investors’ fund is managed by professional Investment Analysts & Portfolio Managers. There is also tax benefits associated with investment in Mutual Funds.